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Virtual Call System
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About Us

Virtual Call System, designed specifically for Small Business & Entrepreneurs.

Virtual Call System offers a virtual PBX communication service that gives small and home-based businesses the ability to project an established, professional image, expand their reach and simplify their communications infrastructure.

By offering a wide array of simple to use, advanced telecommunications features, Virtual Call System is able to deliver the image, productivity, and professionalism of a Fortune 500 corporate telecommunications system at an incredibly affordable price.

Virtual Call System combines a toll-free and/or local number with advanced call management, PBX, voicemail and Internet fax, enabling customers to set up multiple extensions with voicemail, automatically screen, forward and place calls, take voicemail, send and receive faxes, and receive message alerts. With Virtual Call System, businesses never miss an important call, or waste time on unwanted calls.

Company Information:

Virtual Call System is owned and operated by a senior executive telecom team possessing over 40 years of telecom experience. Our senior staff is mainly comprised of former AT&T Corp visionaries. The company is well capitalized for many years to come and securely backed by significant investment partners.

What makes Virtual Call System unique from the voice and fax messaging services offered by the major Bells is that our service is our comprehensive feature-rich capabilities. Hosted telephony solutions include; 800 voicemail, automated call routing, emailed voice/fax messaging and virtual fax services.

Our service offering is hosted on a platform which we have developed from the ground up and therefore we have change flexibility that our competition simply can't match. This flexibility allows us to design and integrate specific feature sets into elegant communication solutions which fit our customers' most complicated and specialized needs.

Virtual Call System Key Benefits:

Service provided by high tech innovator
Never have to purchase or maintain expensive telecommunications equipment.
Gain customer confidence by projecting a well-established, professional image to your callers.
Stay connected to your customers while allowing yourself to be mobile.
Leverage your time by automating the process of managing your calls.
Superior customer support ratings by both internal and external audits.
One toll-free number that serves the purpose of all your communication needs
Manage your business communications from anywhere at anytime with online accessibility.

Carrier-Grade Reliability

A global communications network that is 99.9% reliable and secure with numerous state-of-the-art carrier grade data center points-of-presence.
Unparalleled connectivity and business continuity for every Virtual Call System customer.
Supports an unlimited number of incoming calls so callers never hear a busy signal.
Staffed 24x7x365 with senior engineering personnel.