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Question: Will this service save me money?

Answer: Our state of the art virtual pbx uses the internet’s technology to route calls and provide incredibly
sophisticated services previously only possible with huge pbx systems or live phone operators. Our award winning
system packs all these features into a simple monthly plan and can be set up in minutes. You don’t need special
expensive phones or software as we route everything seamlessly through our system.

Question: Do I need phone # to get started?

Answer: No. You can simply pick from one of our pre existing toll free numbers or select your own vanity number.
This is a number that relates to the letters on your phone. This allows you to have a number that is easy to
remember like 1 800 TEA TIME = (832)-(8463. This allows you to benefit from incredible branding and makes your
number fun and easy to share.

Question: What kind of companies use your services?

Answer: Virtualcallsystem.com is ideal for small to mid sized businesses. It allows you to give a big business
impression by having an auto attendant answer and route calls. You can create extensions for departments and
have those calls forwarded to different land lines or cell phones. You can also have the virtual attendant have your
caller wait while the system tracks you down by calling several phone numbers you assign until you answer and
your call is connected. You can have the system respond differently depending on the time of day or even by the
caller type that is calling!

Question: How do I control the system?

Answer: All of our award winning features are controlled with an easy to use internet website. You simply login
and setup your phone numbers and extensions and assign rules. The system is very easy to use but live help is
always available to assist you with your setup if needed.

Question: Can I keep my current phone number

Answer: Yes you can. We can easily transfer your line into our system to allow you to keep your current number
or provide you with a new toll free or local number. We can also provide you with additional local numbers in
other states or provinces to keep your calls local for clients.

Question: How does the call billing work?

Answer: All of our packages come with a bundle of free minutes with low additional minute plans. With the right
plan you pay one fixed rate per month. Pick the plan that best suits your business.

Question: Do I need to buy phones or special hardware to make the system work?

Answer: No. Virtualcallsystem works on internet technology and simply forwards your calls to any land line, cell
phone or pda enabling you to run your business from anywhere.

Question: Can I transfer an existing number to my Virtual Call System account?

Answer: Yes. First, establish a Virtual Call System account with a "temporary" toll-free or local phone number. For instructions in transferring a Toll Free number to Virtual Call System click here. For instructions in transferring a Local number to Virtual Call System , click here.

Question: Can I call forward an existing number to Virtual Call System?

Answer: Yes. Virtual Call System has a provisioning relationship with various major phone companies. You can make all the necessary arrangements directly from your Virtual Call System l account after you sign up.

Question: Can I have multiple phone and fax numbers for my account?

Answer: Yes, you can add multiple toll-free and local numbers to your Virtual Call System account. In addition, you have the flexibility to set up direct-dial numbers for individual extensions and configure them to answer as fax only, voice only, or voice/fax (auto-detect) calls.

Question: Do you get any free minutes?

Answer: You get 15 minutes with your free trial to test the service.

Question: How can I cancel my account?

Answer: Just give us a call or email us. If you have selected a yearly package, you wonít be charged any cancellation fees. There wonít be any refund either.

Question: How long does it take to get an 800 number?

Answer:You get your 800 number instantly.

(Vanity and Local numbers can take upto 5 business days)

Question: Minutes per month included?

Answer: You get free minutes based on the package you choose. http://www.virtualcallsystem.com/pricing.asp Starter-100 minutes; Silver Ė 500 minutes; Gold Ė 1,000 minutes; Platinum - 2,500 minutes

Question: I am living in Saudi Arabia, is your services economical for me to be use outside of US?

Answer: If you are targeting US clients, then this is one of the most economical ways to create a US presence. A US toll free number will give comfort to US clients that they are dealing with a local company.

Question: I am looking for a VoIP provider - does your company offer these services?

Answer: We donít currently provide VOIP services.

Question: Can I also answer the phones using my computer?

Answer: We donít currently provide this service. However, you can forward the toll free number to a local number provided by VOIP Phone Company.

Question: Do you offer call forwarding service? I am based in the US (NYC) and would like a 312 area code number (USA) for my Chicago based clients and friends.

Answer: Yes we do.

Question: If a client in Canada calls me from his mobile phone, and dials my 1-800 number in USA, does he incur long distance charges?

Answer: No, it is a free call for him.

Question: What are your rates for a 1-800 number, or a New York local number (212)?

Answer: It depends on the package you selected. If it is the starter package, the rate for a 1-800 or a New York local number would be 6.7 cents after the 100 free minutes.

Question: Is there anything smaller than a 500 minute plan?

Answer: The starter package is with 100 minutes.

Question: Are the minutes pertaining to both inbound and outbound calls?

Answer: Any minutes of connected calls, includes both inbound and outbound.

Question: How do I record a new pbx greeting using a land line phone?

Answer: The instructions are given online as well as on the activation email. You will call you toll free number, press *1, Enter the admin pin and enter the greeting id and follow the instructions.

Question: How many toll free numbers can I get for my account?

Answer: It depends on the package. 1 for Starter Pacakge, 2 for Silver Pacakge, 4 for Gold Package and 6 for Platinum Package.

Question: Can a I set up multiple local numbers for different cities to call forward to my sales reps?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is there a time commitment for your service, or can we sign up for a month to month option?

Answer: You can sign up for monthly service.

Question: I just went through the sign up process - got the activation email - clicked through and now it says: We are in the process of provisioning your number. It can take up to five business days. You will be emailed once your number is provisioned. The email will contain a link to set up. Please set up your phone system at that time.
How long should this take? Why is it not immediate?

Answer: If it is vanity number or local number, then we have to provision the numbers, which can take up to 5 business days.

Question: I am wondering how minutes are tallied. Do minutes continue to accrue once an extension is reached?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does your system have fax?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I am interested in this product, but can the number be listed with the company address?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Voicemail to email blackberry or iphone, does that mean that my voice messages can be read from my PDA or iphone?

Answer: The voicemail are sent as an attachment, so it can be heard on the PDA.

Question: Can you tell me if there is a custom greeting before transferring to the extension I set up?

Answer: No. You can select from music on hold.

Question: Is there a charge for the voice recording service?

Answer: There is no charge for a simple voice recording and there is a charge for detail script. The pricing is given when you order the greeting online.

Question: I see you have a free test account, how long is it for?

Answer: The account is given for 7 days. The account is given with some free minutes to test the service. If the free minutes run out, the account is converted from trial to regular account to make sure the service is not interrupted.