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Virtual Call System
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Virtual call system is an amazingly sophisticated yet easy to use call management system that rivals even the most expensive pbx systems on the market today for as little as $10 per month. By combining the internet and VOIP technology our firm delivers highly sophisticated features to meet your company’s phone needs.

Your own personal virtual receptionist will answer and route all your calls as you require. Set up unlimited extensions and independently control where every call is received. . Calls can be forwarded to any land phone, cellular or pda number. Inbound calls are greeted professionally and placed on hold while you are contacted. Our follow me features enable you to list a series of numbers that the virtual receptionist will call to track you down and ensure that your clients can reach you while keeping your personal numbers anonymous.

Virtual Call System enables you to set different call handling options based on the time of day, the calling number,
the extension and a wide variety of other scenarios.
All of this can be setup in minutes with easy to use online
administration tools. Your business will sound more professional and clients will adore the enhanced features that ultimately service them. Below we have included a comprehensive list of all the award winning features included in all
of our phone plans. We look forward to working with you.

Award Winning Features