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Virtual Call System
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Virtual PBX Phone System for Enhanced Organizational Proficiency

Virtual Call System enables your business to leverage on the wave of virtualization through its cutting-edge Virtual PBX phone system. Gone are the days when any small business phone system used to be adequate for satiating the communication needs of an organization. In the current technology-driven era of highly intricate enterprise solutions, your business needs more than some obsolete PBX system, and this is where our web-based PBX solution comes in as a highly efficient alternate.

Unmatched Cost-Efficiency

Understanding the value of your money, we promise to give you the most cost efficient solution to gratify the communication needs of your organisation. Our solution does not require any kind of hardware or software installation as we host the solution on a web based server, promising an incredibly cost effective solution to satiate the requirement.

Exceptional Feature Management

Regardless of whether you need to create an extension for a new division of your organization or modify a call-forwarding policy, our immensely powerful yet easy-to-use online Graphic User Interface promises to make the management of the Virtual PBX system a sheer breeze.

Matchless Convenience

Our simple-to-use online search tool lets you find a perfect business 800 number, regardless of the name or nature of the entity you need the number for. In order to buy 800 numbers, all you need to do is simply select the series of the toll free numbers you need and sign up for our comprehensive online PBX phone system.

If you have any query regarding our Virtual PBX solution, please feel free to contact us on our toll free number 1-800-375-7291.