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Virtual Call System
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“I find Virtual Call System to be very easy to use and manage, the customer service team to be responsive, helpful and friendly... "

Howard Greenspoon, Senior Partner.

"I've been a Virtual Call System customer for a long time now and recommend the Virtual Call System service to friends, relatives, and business associates without reservation. The concept and execution are flawless; the price is quite reasonable. I urge any small-businessperson, independent professional, or consultant to check out Virtual Call System's service. Instead of giving out two, three, or four phone numbers, I give out just one that can follow me wherever I go. The ability to receive faxes, though rarely used, is a life-saver when needed “

Richard Parker, President.
Diomo Corporation


"Thank you for all of your help with my Virtual Call System account.  I have two toll free numbers and they are invaluable to my business.  I love the way I can point my numbers and can use it for the system to “follow me” wherever I go.  It is wonderful to have one number that I can give to reach me to best fit the needs of my clients.

The second number is used for the rest of my office so that everyone has access.  Being able to choose my numbers was also beneficial. You are fantastic to work with and I will continue to refer you to everyone I can.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work!”

Mike Page, CEO.
Total Ship Traffic Solutions


“Virtual Call System has given me the ability to work where I want, when I want, without the fear of missing important calls. With Virtual Call System my employees are free from being tied to their desks so that they can be more productive. Using Virtual Call System I've been able to direct money into customer acquisition that I would have normally spent on telephone hardware”

Alan Avigdor, president.
Budget Website Services inc.


"I think that the Virtual Call System is very versatile. Communication is key because our virtual company relies on internet connectivity because we are located throughout the United States . Virtual Call System provides us with the technology to meet all of our communication needs."

Phil Pantazopoulos, CEO
Website Promotion Center inc.


"With cutting edge features and exceptional efficiency, Virtual Call System has eliminated most of our support service worries. Not only we have been able to serve our clients better, it has also made a notable reduction in the overall cost we were incurring on our support desk. Moreover, with the "follow me" feature and the option to receive faxes, the change has definitely been laudable.

Thanks folks for the wonderful solution!"

Mark Toner
Manager, Client Support