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An 800 number can give your company national appeal – appeal you can turn into sales

If there’s one thing that tells a potential customer that your company has hit the big time, it’s a toll free number. A toll free number (including the 800 series of numbers, and vanity numbers) demonstrates to the client that you want their business, and are willing to pay for their phone call to talk to them.

Instead of thinking of an 800 number as a necessary expense for the growth of your business, think of it as an investment: after all, companies that use toll free numbers in out-of-area advertising show sales increases of up to 1400%. That’s right, with no other change than the phone number, a toll free number can make that much difference in converting your customer to sales.

Having a toll free number can change your perception in the mind of the customer from a local company – one not worthy of national business – to a company that is playing on an international level.

An 800 number can also reinforce the notion of “value” in the customer’s mind. Consider this scenario: your potential customer has visited your website, and sees a great deal on an item they can’t live without. They go to your contact page, and see that you don’t offer an 800 number. Suddenly, the great value in your product begins to pale in relationship to the prospect of having to make a long distance phone call to order it. The deal begins to sour, through no fault other than a lack of a toll free number.

Ready to get a toll free number now, and take your business to the next level?

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