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Bring your workforce together with a Virtual Phone Number

If you’re like many modern small businesses, you use our connected age to your advantage. While businesses twenty years ago needed all of their employees to be under one roof for practical reasons, you have no such constraints – your employees can be anywhere in the world, offering a variety of specialized functions.

What you need is a phone system to bring you all together, and that’s where a Virtual Phone System comes in. While your company benefits from the flexibility of having employees anywhere, your customers and clients can get easily frustrated – having to call different numbers in different area codes doesn’t reinforce a professional feeling in your company.

A Virtual Phone System can be the tool you need in streamlining your communications for your clients. With a Virtual Phone System, your clients call one central number. They’re answered by a “Virtual Receptionist”, who then forwards to the necessary extension.

You can control the extensions from an easy-to-use web interface, which means you can add and subtract people quickly and easily. Plus, there’s no limit to the amount of extensions you have, so your business can grow without having to worry about technology keeping up.

Want to start projecting a big office feel to your clients? Then contact Virtual Call System today to secure your own
Virtual Phone System. Plans start at just $9.99 a month!