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Put your sales team on even footing with Call Routing Extensions

If you’re like many small businesses who are in the process of growing, you’re doing your best to have your phone system keep up with you. You may have invested in a virtual phone system, where all of your team is under one number, and then the customer is routed by a “virtual receptionist”.

The problem that arises with this system is for your sales team – if there is one sales extension, then only one person will get all of the phone calls. Alternatively, if all of your customers need to choose a specific salesman to speak with, it’s possible that one salesman will be favored over the others.

What you need is an even and fair distribution of sales calls, without any additional investments in your infrastructure.

One virtual phone company, Virtual Call System, has a fantastic answer to this issue. They call it “Call Routing Extension”. Basically, when your client chooses your sales extension, instead of only having one number, the system cycles through all of your sales numbers. The phone calls are distributed evenly and fairly.

This system can work for any number of areas in your company: customer service and support, just to name a few.