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Case studies of Fortune 500 companies who use toll free numbers

Since companies started advertising, there’s been an endless pursuit to find ways to stay in the forefront of the audience’s mind. One of the most effective methods of doing that is a toll free vanity number. The big companies figured this out early, and as a result the most popular Fortune 500 companies have vanity numbers that you can likely recall as soon as we say the company name.

We wanted to discuss a few companies who use vanity numbers, so that you can see the positive impact it had on their business, and could potentially have on yours.

Take a look at the following four companies, and their rankings in the Fortune 500:

• Verizon: Fortune 12
• AT&T: Fortune 120
• Nextel: Fortune 200

The difference between them? You guessed it: toll free vanity numbers. Verizon has an amazingly memorable toll free number: 1-800-PICK-DSL, while the competitors have less memorable numbers (and memorability seems to be correlated with their sales rank).

Take a look:

• Verizon: 1-800-PICK-DSL
• Sprint: 1-800-877-8000
• AT&T: 1-800-888-7600
• Nextel: 1-800-639-6111

While there are obviously other factors to consider in the overall health of the companies, it’s impossible not to notice that their

business success and the memorability of their toll free number seem to be directly linked. Positive messages designed for success:

Take a look at the next series of numbers:

• 1-800-Pick-UPS
• 1-800-Go-Fedex
• 1-800-Call-DHL

Again, UPS is the most successful company of the above group, and it’s hard to not see why: their vanity number is positive, and stands as a great brand message for their company. While the other two companies have memorable vanity names as well, “Pick UPS” works as a tagline, and says everything you need, right in the phone number.