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Does your company want to target at a regional level?

With a Virtual Phone System, you can purchase local phone numbers and have them route to you seamlessly! As interconnected as the world has now become, sometimes it’s reassuring for a customer to see that a company has a number in their area code. It implies that the company understands their unique set of opportunities and challenges, and will be held accountable.

In short, it can be a big boon to a business to be able to have a local phone number, whether or not you’re actually within that community. That’s where a Virtual Phone System can help.

With a Virtual Phone System, you can purchase a regional number, and then have it route to your current telecommunications solution seamlessly. Customers calling will be answered by a “virtual receptionist”, who will then route the call to whichever extension your customer requests. The transition will be seamless for your customer, and you won’t have to make any changes to your existing phone numbers or lines.

The same strategy applies if you’re within the community, but many of your employees are outside of the area. For example, if you outsource your accounting department, the transition will still be seamless for the customer – they’ll dial the local number, request accounting, and then be forwarded to their extension. The extension will actually call through to your accounting department’s phone number, but the customer will never know the difference!

Want to be a regional company without borders? Our company, Virtual Call System, can provide you an INSTANT, low-cost and very powerful solution for your telecommunications needs. It comes packed with dozens of features, and plans start at only $9.99