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How 866 is growing by leaps and bounds

When the 866 toll free number was released in 2000, telephone companies were expecting a huge rush to secure numbers. After all, 800 numbers had been around since the 60s, and they were sure that companies would want to snatch up hard-to-find toll free numbers quickly.

As the year progressed, they found that the orders were oddly quiet Ė few companies were interested in the new 866 numbers.

This can be traced to customer knowledge Ė while most customers knew that an 800 number was toll free, an 866 number did not have that recognition. As a result, companies couldnít see the benefit Ė whatís the point in having a toll free number, if no one knows itís toll free?

Not to be deterred, an aggressive public relations campaign was launched to establish 866 as a viable, new toll free number. CNN reported on it, as did NBC, ABC and many stations on the FM and AM radio dials.

Though it was a long time coming, the 866 number is now becoming fully identified with toll free in the minds of the customer. In a 2006 survey, 85% of Americans between 18-55 were able to identify the 866 extension as a toll free number.

Looking for a toll free vanity number thatís already been taken in 800?

Perhaps there is an 866 alternative!
With recognition this high, your company canít afford to ignore the 866 extension any longer.