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How a Vanity Toll Free Number can have a huge impact on your business

When it comes to print or outdoor advertising, you have only moments to make an impression in the mind of your customer. Your advertisement must do a number of things: it must get the customerís attention, deliver your message to them, and then tell them what you want them to do Ė communicating your website or phone number.

If you want a customer to call, there is one thing that has proven memorability time and time again: a Vanity Toll Free Number.

You know the ones weíre referring to: 1-866-LAWYERS, 1-800-PRIMERS. A vanity number can truly have a substantial effect on the ability of customers to remember your phone number.

As a company, you canít underestimate how important it is to be memorable. After all, youíre competing with hundreds of other companies at any given time. Though itís positive to have a customer remember your phone number from an advertisement, what you really want is for them to remember you when it comes time for them to act. If your phone number is memorable enough, youíll be the first person a customer will call.

Itís really that simple Ė a memorable phone number can have more effect than the most clever advertisement, the biggest media buy, or the best promotions.

Interested in getting a vanity phone number today? You donít have to spend an arm and a leg to do it.