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How the big guys use toll free numbers to build their business

We’ve discussed how toll free numbers can be used to grow your small business. Now hear how the big guys grow their businesses.

In this article, we’d like to focus on 3M. 3M was created in 1980, and you know them best for their Post-It Notes. 3M made big investments early on in research and development. Their president, Lucius Ordway, called this using “patient money” – spending money without seeing an immediate payback.

As their successful products grew, so did their bottom line, until they were well-established as a major Fortune 500 player. Through this time, they made effective use of a toll free number which no doubt had a major impact on their business.

3M also has also used 800 numbers in more creative ways. A good example of this is their “888-3M-HELPS” initiative. 3M has over 67,071 employees around the world, and they want to remain as accessible as possible to their workforce. That’s why they created the easy-to-remember toll free number. It’s had a very positive impact in the minds of their employees: whenever they have a problem, they know that they can dial the company at no charge to themselves. Plus, with such a memorable name, they can feel free to call the company at any time!

As seen in their constant product launches, 3M knows the value of innovation, and their innovative toll free number is just one more example of that.