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How your company can turn phone call inquiries into closed deals

You’ve no doubt seen it happen in your life, or had it happen to you: you’re excited about doing business with a company, and give them a call. Once someone answers the phone (if someone answers the phone), they’re short, rude, and give you only the minimum amount of information required. This company has spent a lot of money to get you to call them, and now at the final stage they’re demonstrating that you’re not valued as a customer.

We know that phone calls can sometimes be a challenge, but we wanted to compile a few tips on how to make each phone call count, and how to make sure that all of the elements are in place to have a successful sale with the customer.

Train employees on their phone answering: A simple seminar can be enough to impress upon your employees the importance of great customer service at all points in your communications.

Create an incentive program: If you’re having issues with customer service, why not call your company as a customer a few times? Employees who are great on the phone will be commended, while you can identify employees that are having issues on the phone and work to improve their abilities.

Always get customer information: Once the customer calls, it’s important to get their information. That way, if they’re interested but don’t convert to sale, you can contact them at a later date to try and bring them back to the sales stage of the process.

Email address: An important aspect of your customer information recording are email addresses. You can send your customer an email to opt into your marketing list, and then send them relevant email marketing about your company. The prospect has shown they’re interested, so why not keep speaking to them?

Direct mail follow-up: Another great way to follow-up with a client is through a direct mail follow-up. You can even let the customer know that this is arriving with a voice broadcast to their phone number.

With these helpful communications tips, you’ll bring your communications game to a whole new level.

Your sales will go up, and your customers will thank you for it!