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Virtual Call System
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Think getting an 800 number is complicated?

Recently my company purchased an 800 number from Virtual Call System. Since then, weve seen a big boost in our business, but thats not what I wanted to tell you.

I had the idea that installing an 800 number was a lot of work. This idea was confirmed by my trying to talk to my telecommunications company. I thought that an 800 number required new lines, big costs, and long contracts.

Then I read about Virtual Call System. My concern with Virtual Call System was the opposite they said that they could have instant toll free numbers, so I wasnt worried about that. However, they are a PBX system, so I assumed that Id need heavy-duty hardware, or have to install some sort of software to make the whole thing work.

Im happy to say how wrong I was! Not only did I have an instant 800 number, but my system was operational instantly, with no special software or hardware! All of the features of Virtual Call System could be accessed online. I was literally ready to go with my toll free number the same day!