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Toll Free Business Statistics

99% of big American businesses have toll free numbers, and the reason is simple: customers like to call companies where they know they won’t be charged.

As your business grows, getting a toll free vanity number now is a decision that will affect you for years. It’s important to get a number that will last you, that speaks to your brand, and that you can carry with you no matter how big your company gets.

Here’s a few statistics about companies that get toll free numbers:

• On average, their telephone orders increase by 30% - 60%
• Your product returns decrease by 50% (the reason being, if you have a toll free number for your product, the customer is more likely to call and work out any issues they’re having, rather than just returning it immediately)

• Word-of-mouth referrals increase by about 200%

Looking for the increases that a toll free number can make to your marketing? Then consider this:

• Toll free calling generated an estimated $200 billion in annual sales of goods and services in 2000
• An ad featuring an 800 number can generate approximately 40% more orders
• A recent study by Bellcore noted a 600% increase in advertising responses for companies with 800 numbers
• Fund-raising organizations have increased their response approximately 25% by adding a toll free number to their advertising

Not convinced? How about the usage by Americans:

• 98% of American Adults aged 18-65 use toll free numbers
• 68% of American Teens use toll free numbers
• 52% of Americans estimate that they make 50 or more toll free calls per year