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Why your company needs its own 800 toll free number!

Youíve seen us say on this website that an 800 number can do great things for your business. But youíre a person who likes to see quantifiable facts. We canít blame you, and thatís why weíve prepared the following set of reasons your company needs a toll free number TODAY.

Improve Customer Satisfaction:
Customers like to know that theyíre valued, and a toll free number demonstrates that. In fact, did you know that in 2005, having to call a company long distance for service was the top complaint from consumers?

Local or national, your business will grow with a toll free number:
Itís been well documented that customers are more willing to call an 800 number than a local number. Local companies with toll free numbers do the best of everyone in terms of customer response.

Enhance your company image:
Customers trust a toll free number Ė it says that the company is established and eager to serve.

A vanity phone number can get you remembered:
Getting customers to remember your company when it comes time to purchase, is a businessís biggest challenge. Thatís why you should pull out all the stops, and make sure you have a memorable vanity number: being the first phone number a customer thinks of can be a huge advantage to a company.

Establish trust:
Like ensuring customer satisfaction, a toll free number also inspires trust with the customer. After all, if you have a toll free number, itís safe to say that your company is well established.

You donít have to worry about moving your business:
No matter how much your business grows, youíll always have the same toll free number Ė thatís not the case with local numbers.


To sum up, toll free numbers are memorable, establish trust with your client,
and can be a great way to build your business!