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Virtual Call System
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With a Virtual Phone System You Are No Longer Tied Down

When I first started my small business, I felt pretty tied down: I never wanted to be too far away from the phone, in case one of our clients called. Of course I had a cell phone, but our landline is the one we advertise, and after all, who wants clients calling their cell phone at all hours of the night?

As my business grew, we were starting using a virtual phone system. Bringing on a virtual phone system was great – suddenly, my employees all had extensions under our phone number. The pressure was off me to always be available, and the experience was completely seamless for the customer.

Here’s the best part: our solution, Virtual Call System, allows you to switch where the extensions call to instantly (through an online webpage). Now I can have my extension call through to my cell phone when I need it to, or call to my usual landline when I don’t want it to. In fact, last week I went on a vacation – and the customers never knew the difference! I was helping keep things moving from the beach, all with just a few simple clicks of my mouse.

Does this type of freedom sound fun? Then you should invest in Virtual Call System.